An explainer video is a comprehensive piece of content that brings together a big team of people, each with his/her own expertise. For a successful project, you’ll need: a dedicated account manager, creative director, professional script writer, illustrator and animator.
We break everything down into easy steps. You can be as involved as you want in the whole process! In fact, we’d love you to be! We get your feedback, implement your suggestions and get your approval before we move forward to the next step!
Here’s how the magic works:

Kick-off Call

We’ll set up an online meeting together to connect
and answer any questions you might have and to
find out all about your business or idea. This is where
we brainstorm and understand where you want to go
with this video.
Schedule Meeting


We’ll ask you to fill in some info about your company, product or idea. This will take a few minutes, but it’s important to be as detailed as you can. The more info you provide, the better!
Download Brief


Both science and art, scriptwriting is the foundation
of any great video. With the experience of a few
hundred scripts, our professional in-house
copywriter will work his magic and put your idea
into words, optimised for visual storytelling.
Script Example


This is where we conceptualise how each scene
will look like with simple sketches so you can see
how the video will unfold.
Storyboard Example


Our designers will create a unique style for your
video and develop the storyboards into beautiful
illustrations. At this phase you’ll see fully designed
scenes with static illustrations.
Illustrations Example


We’ll get voiceover actors to send in auditions
reading a sample of your script, so you can actually
hear your video out loud when choosing the perfect
voice for your brand. You can choose any language,
accent, gender or age.
Voiceover Example


This is where the magic happens! At this phase
we take the static illustrations and the voiceover
to bring your story to life in an engaging video.
Watch Video


Time to celebrate and grab a drink, your video is
Wanna get your own video?
Let's talk