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How Much Does An Explainer Video Cost?2023-01-01T13:21:31+00:00

Pricing depends on the duration and complexity of the video, but also on each client’s unique requirements. Minimum budget starts at $2,000.

Why The Explainer Company?2023-01-01T13:42:22+00:00
If our portfolio and client list haven’t convinced you yet, then simply because our videos are different! There are a million and one “animation studios” out there which were created on the run with your video outsourced who knows where, but they always fail to deliver. We have stood the test of time, having been around for more than 10 years now, produced hundreds of video animations in more than 25 languages! Our explainer videos are crafted with your brand’s unique identity in mind, and we tailor your message to engage with your target audience on a personal level.
You can easily check our YouTube videos and presentations at conferences to see how we talk and think about explainer videos. There’s literally NOBODY else out there who’s put out so much free content about explainer videos on YouTube.
We also pride ourselves on providing our clients with the industry’s highest level of quality and production standards. When you decide to work with us, you get 50+ years of combined industry experience, all focused on delivering your brand’s message through a beautiful, engaging, and fully customized video of the highest possible quality.
How long does it take to produce?2023-01-01T12:54:16+00:00

It depends on the video duration, complexity, client feedback time, and workload during that period. On average it takes anywhere between 4-7 weeks.

Is it possible to expedite the process?2023-01-01T13:41:43+00:00

YES! Of course it is! However, do keep in mind that working toward faster deliveries for the final product does increase the price of our services, to accommodate the increased production effort necessary to meet tighter deadlines. That said, the faster we begin, the faster we’ll have that amazing video ready for you! Contact us today and let us start crafting that excellent marketing piece your brand needs!

Can you make videos in other languages?2023-01-01T13:41:49+00:00
Oui, bien sûr! We made videos in many different languages, some of which we speak ourselves, and others that we never heard before. Anything from French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese to Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, or Arabic and more!
How to get started?2023-01-01T13:38:50+00:00
Reach out and we’ll schedule a short 30-Min Discovery Call to discuss project requirements, budget, process, timeline, and any other details.
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