About us

The Explainer Company is an animation production
company and subsidiary of VideoPlasty.com, a stock
assets marketplace for creatives all over the world.
We’re very proud of the amazing work our team has
produced over the years and as you can tell from the
name, we’re not just another explainer company, we
strive to be THE explainer company that you’ll work
with for years to come.
We bring together some of the most amazing creative
directors, writers, illustrators, animators and voice
artists to create engaging and impactful explainers for
clients all over the world.

Agile Approach

Originally founded in Transylvania, our team has been remote since before it was cool, spanning across multiple countries in Europe.
We’ve always worked remote, so we can bring premium quality explainers at affordable prices because we don’t charge you extra to cover our offices and other such operational expenses.

Each Client is Unique

Big or small, we treat each project with the utmost care and an individual approach to your business.
There are no cookie cutter solutions or library of assets. Everything is custom build just for your video!

Your Long-Term Partner

Your success is our success, so we’re invested in making sure you get the best video possible for your brand.
A company is as good as its reputation and we definitely want to work with you long-term and refer your friends to us.
Some of our clients have been with us from the beginning for almost 10 years