Discover the magic that goes into the explainer video production process by watching our educational videos on this page.
We understand choosing the right explainer video production company can be hard and you want to make sure you invest your budget with the right team and get a good return on investment. That’s why we think it’s important to show you how we see and think about explainer videos.

Ultimate Explainer Video Guide 2022

Discover EVERYTHING you need to create your ultimate explainer video and guarantee its quality and success. In this in-depth explainer video guide, I will cover everything from planning, producing, and publishing your explainer video. It’s most likely the best YouTube video I’ve made to date.

Explainer Masterclass London 2022

In this in-depth masterclass presentation I gave at the Marketing Summit event in London 2022 I go over the best structure to use when writing professional high-converting explainer video scripts and a couple of other high-level strategies and things to consider when writing scripts for animated explainer animations.

Explainer Scriptwriting Masterclass

With the experience of hundreds of explainer video scripts written and hundreds of animated videos produced, I put all my knowledge into a simple to use, step by step formula that you can use today to write better explainer scripts, that convert better, sell more, and get people to take action!

What is an Explainer Video?

In this video, I’ll explain what explainer videos are (so meta!). They can be both animated or live-action. Explainers are usually short and engaging videos that explain who you are, what you do and why people should care. They are incredibly useful marketing tools for the top of your funnel, creating awareness about your brand and sparking interest to drive people to find out more about you.

How Are Explainer Videos Made?

Discover the fascinating process and magic behind producing explainer video animations. This is a standard process that pretty much all explainer production companies follow with very small variations. We’ll cover all the important phases in the production process of an explainer video.

Why Do Explainers Cost So Much?!

In this video, I will cover why great explainer videos can cost so much. Indeed, there are some affordable options out there as well, but for a great explainer video, you might have to increase your budget a little bit to make sure you get the best ROI. You might be surprised by the number of experts that gather together to create this short piece of video content called an explainer animation: project manager, creative director, scriptwriter, voiceover artist, illustrator, animator, and sound designer.

How Long Should Your Explainer Video Be?

Discover the ideal video length for your next explainer video animation and the reasoning behind it.

How to Choose a Voiceover Artist?

Choosing a voiceover artist for your explainer animation is very important as it will literally be the voice of your brand. When choosing a voice artist, it’s important to consider 3 different points: gender, age, and style.

How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

Find out how much an explainer video costs! Explainer video pricing can be quite confusing and many companies hold back from revealing this information, so in this video we’ll pull the curtain and show you the different price points available for different explainer production methods and some other factors that affect the pricing of your explainer animation project.

4-Step Classic Explainer Video Scriptwriting Formula

The “Classic Explainer Video” scriptwriting formula is a simple 4 step process you have to follow to increase your video engagement and make sure your videos convert.

7 Tips to Write Better Explainer Video Scripts

Discover the 7 most powerful strategies that we’ve used over the years to write hundreds of high-converting explainer video scripts! Those are solid copywriting tips that you can use and apply to any other video scripts or copy that you are writing.

10 Common Explainer Video Mistakes

Avoid the top 10 most common mistakes I see in animated explainer videos on a daily basis. Each one of those mistakes is easy to fix, you just need to be aware of them to make sure you avoid those costly errors when producing an explainer video. An explainer video can bring you a great return on investment, but it needs to be done correctly, so learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences so you don’t fall trap to the same issues.

Freelancer vs Studio?

Who do you hire to produce your animated explainer video? Do you hire a solo freelancer or go with an established explainer video production company? In this video, we’ll explore the pros and cons of working with both. You have to carefully weigh both options and decide for yourself which one is best suited for your explainer animation project.

Are Explainer Videos Effective?

Explainer videos can be pricey, so it’s important to know if they ACTUALLY work. In this video, we’ll look at why explainer animation videos are so effective, so that you can rest assured that your budget won’t go to waste and that you will get a good return on your investment in your video marketing.

Explainer Animation Storyboards

Storyboards are a very important part of producing an animation. They are a visual preview of what you want each scene to look like. It’s a process used even by Hollywood film directors, so there’s no reason for you to skip this step!

Explainer Video Music

In this video, you will discover my favorite royalty-free music websites that I use for explainer videos. I will share you with my #1 source that I used for hundreds of music tracks over the years for our client explainer videos. You will also learn the science and thought process behind selecting the right explainer music for your project, to be able to set the right tone and communicate the right emotion.

Explainer music is something you need to consider because it’s not just the words of the voiceover and the visuals on the screen that say something about your brand, but the music too. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to communicate emotion in a video.