How to choose a voiceover artist for your explainer animation?

There are so many options out there that it can get quite confusing, so in this article, we’ll help you choose the best one for your project!

When it comes to the voiceover of your video, it all comes down to 3 big things that you need to decide on: gender, age, and style. And all of this is tightly connected to your target audience because you want the voiceover to be relevant. Now, choosing a voiceover is not always an exact science, sometimes it’s more of a gut feeling and personal choice.

So let’s look at each topic in particular:


There will be a few cases where the gender of the voiceover will be very obvious. Like for example let’s say you make a video for some makeup product for young women or a software solution that helps nurses in a hospital, which is generally a female predominant field, of course, the voiceover should not be a man.

Same thing in a male-dominated field like for example a hair loss product or beard growth product, it will be best if you go with a male voice actor.

However, most companies out there, serve both men and women in their target audience. So what do you do in that case? How do you choose the gender of the voice artist? Honestly, there isn’t really a clear answer for that. It’s really just whatever feels right for you as the owner of the company. You know your clients better and have probably met a lot of them in person, so it’s really just a gut feeling. That being said, in cases like this where it’s not very clear, you honestly cannot go wrong with either a male or female voiceover.

BuilderPad – Explainer Video

BuilderPad is a unique modern home-building application that helps builders easily manage all their projects and clients in one streamlined platform. The target audience is primarily middle-aged men – home builders, hence the VO actor should be a man


Like gender, age is very important and depends on your target audience, you want it to be as close as possible to them. Selling makeup products to young women? Maybe your voice artist should not be a 60-year-old woman.

Selling some software solution to C-level executives at banks? Maybe your voice artist should sound more mature and close to their age, rather than a young person in their 20s.

Try to put yourself in their shoes for a minute. Who would you be able to relate to the most?

Novatiq Fusion – Explainer Video

Novatiq is an advertising service that provides the first telco-based identity solution for the open web, as an alternative to the removal of third-party cookie support and other tracking technologies like IDFA. It talks to publishers, marketers, and brands that target their audience and customers online, that’s why it’s a better option if the VO artist is a middle-aged person, instead of a teenager.


When you hire a voice artist, you also need to decide on the style that you want him or her to record in and provide this information to them in the brief.

Again, this will depend on your target audience and the sector they’re in.

Back to our previous examples.

Makeup product for young women – probably you’ll go for something more casual, friendly, and excited.

Hair loss product for men – probably something a little more concerned, and trustworthy but also optimistic for a better future.

C-level executives at banks – definitely something more professional, corporate, and trustworthy.

Try to think of a few adjectives, usually around 2-3 will be enough, and make sure you pass that information to the voice artist.

It’s all based on how you want your brand to be seen, well technically heard.

DAOStreet – Explainer Video

DAOStreet is an app where people from all over the world can join and work together to bring projects and ideas to life. It helps creative and driven people to become entrepreneurs, no matter what background they have, and take life into their own hands. The main character of the video is Peppy the peacock, and he’s a TV show host. So, the style of the VO should be comedic, energetic, and upbeat.

Alright, so that’s how you choose a voice artist for your explainer video. Sometimes it’s very clear, but sometimes it’s more of a feeling or personal choice. If ever in doubt, your explainer studio will be there to help you choose the best one based on their vast experience.

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